Brian Copes

Thompson High School (Engineering Academy)


1. Why you chose to be an educator?
Becoming an educator was the last thing that I ever thought that I would become. From the third grade through the 12th grade I was bullied. I became a student that hated school and did my best to be a nameless face in the crowd only doing the minimum to get by. During my second year at a Vincennes University, a trade school in southern Indiana, I reflected on my life and what I aspired to do. I remembered how my shop teachers reached out to me and gave me a since of belonging. It was the kindness of these teachers and other key adults in my life that gave me the desire to step into the classroom to become someone to positively influence our students; someone that would give our students a place to belong and a place of acceptance and safety.

2. What inspires you?
I have an innate desire to help others, whether it be students in my class or people in need around the world. I desire to instill the love of service in all my students. Authentic, real world, project based lessons can profoundly impact and shape the lives of our youth. My teaching can be defined by the golden rule “Do unto others as you would have done to you”.

3. What you would like to see from the Krystal Foundation?
I am excited that the Krystal Foundation is taking a proactive role in educating our youth. Education can only reach its full impact through a partnership with business and industry. I would be honored to have the Krystal Foundation come beside me and educationally feed students around the world.