Farhat Ahmad

McClarin Success Academy

World, Multi, and American Literature

Why you chose to be an educator?

I came to education as a career change, previously I was a Sheriff’s Deputy and in that line of work your interactions with people are often on their worst day. In education I feel you can reach someone before they get to that point and help them find a better path, and that is why I choose to be an educator.

What inspires you?

I used to be a professional fighter, and I am inspired by a lot the folks I train with, many from third world countries who came from abolsute poverty and through hard work and determination have built themselves into something, often recognized worldwide for their accomplishments in competing and coaching in combat sports. My students are often sold the fact having and spending lots of money is how you measure success. In combat sports, no one cares about how much money you have, people only care about how hard you train and how you perform in competition, even if you loose if you fought with heart you are still considered a winner. I am inspried when someone goes down this path of little glory and lots of work, and makes a name for themeself. I try to bring this discipline to my students in our school’s after school jiu jitsu program and in our daily classroom activities.

What you would like to see from The Krystal Foundation.

I would appreciate any type of financial support that would help my students be on a level playing field with other schools that come from areas of more financial stability. We need technology, reading materials, access to public transportation and after school coaches none of which are in our schools budget. We are used to accomplishing things without having much, so a little bit of support targeted in the highest need areas would go a long way.