Nick Clayton

Pooler Elementary

P.E. Coach

1.Why you chose to be an educator?

I prayed over becoming an educator for a while before answering the calling to teach. I can list several teachers that impacted my life throughout my education and I wanted to give back just like them. It is easy to just teach, however students need to know that you are here for them, you care about them, and most importantly know that you love them. I strive daily to teach my students the importance of being physically active and teaching them skills that they can use for a lifetime. It’s awesome watching students grow and succeed from August to May.

2.What inspires you?

For me serving inspires me. I feel that we are called to serve, and I cannot think of a better way to serve than teaching. I love coming to work each day knowing that I am going to have an opportunity to help someone. Whether it is helping a student shoot a basketball, tie his/her shoe, or work out a problem, that is my daily inspiration. Helping others. I hope my students see this from me each day and pay it forward by helping others.

3.What you would like to see from The Krystal Foundation.

I would love to see the Krystal Foundation support Pooler Elementary by providing us with some more updated Physical Education Equipment. Research proves that students learn better after participating in vigorous activity. Here at Pooler we are limited to what we can and cannot participate in due to broken and old equipment.