The Krystal® Foundation Awards Grants to Schools, Teachers and Organizations
10 Schools Throughout the Southeast to Share Nearly $24,000 in Enrichment Funding

ATLANTA, GA – As a follow up to 2016’s inaugural year of The Krystal® Company’s Squaring is Caring campaign, an innovative fundraising initiative benefitting educational enrichment programs, The Krystal® Foundation announced that it will be honoring its second round of grant recipients this month.

“We are both eager and excited to continue this program in 2017, and look forward to rewarding the second round of deserving grant recipients,” said Jason Abelkop, Chief Marketing Officer for The Krystal Company. “This is some of the most rewarding work we’re able to do through The Krystal Foundation and in an area that truly makes a difference in our communities – our schools.”

The Krystal Foundation program launched last year with the goal of providing much-needed funding for educational “enrichment” programs such as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education, music & the performing arts, culinary instruction and various sports activities. The program is funded through donations and donor matching with approximately $19,000 awarded in grants for the last window (April – May). The 10 schools and programs in the 2017 Squaring is Caring program will each be receiving varying grant amounts up to $5000 for a wide variety of school based initiatives. Highlights in this window class of grant winners include:
– A STEAM grant for students to build a 3D printer which will be used in science, design, and problem-solving applications in the classroom
– Support for a culinary curriculum shared by five high schools that teaches nutrition, meal planning, food storage and service on a mass scale, and actual meal preparation by students for local homeless shelters
– New instruments and repairs for a middle school music program so that the school band and other music classes may be available to more students
Other schools and programs will be applying their grant dollars towards a wide variety of hands-on, interactive tools and activities for STEAM learning and cross-discipline teaching technologies. An afterschool enrichment program for teens will also be receiving grant support.

“Our aim from the beginning was to see this program expand year after year,” Abelkop added. “The totals for this year are proof positive that growth for such a meaningful cause is possible. Each successful grant allows The Krystal Foundation to continue to build support for improvements to our schools and important extracurricular programs. Congratulations to all our grant recipients – we look forward to seeing the difference this makes in your communities.”

Those wishing to see the complete list of 2017 The Krystal Foundation grant winners can visit

About The Krystal Company
Founded in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1932, The Krystal Company is the oldest quick service restaurant chain in the South. Its hamburgers are still served fresh and hot off the grill on the iconic square bun at more than 360 restaurants in 11 states. Krystal’s Atlanta-based Restaurant Support Center serves a team of 6,000 employees. For more information, visit or or follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram @Krystal.

About The Krystal Foundation
Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 2016, The Krystal Foundation is a 501(c) (3) public charity. Its mission is to strengthen, enhance and enrich Krystal’s neighborhood schools and families. The foundation provides need-based grants to communities in their 11 states, which have extracurricular program elimination or cutback. The foundation will support programs that are focused in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics), culinary arts, music, and sports. For more information, visit or or follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram @Krystal.